Komitetas 300. Pabaiga (1)

Buvusios ir iki šiol tebeveikiančios Komiteto 300 žinybos ir organizacijos, o taip pat tos, kurioms Komitetas daro tiesioginę įtaką

Academy for Contemporary Problems

Africa Fund

Agency of International Development

Albert Previn Foundation

Alliance Israelite Universalle

American Civil Liberties Union

American Council of Race Relations

American Defense Society

American Press Institute

American Protective League

Anti‑Defamation League

Arab Bureau

Arab Higher Committee

ARCA Foundation

Armour Research Foundation

Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus

Arthur D. Little, Inc.

Asian Research Institute

Aspen Institute

Association for Humanistic Psychology

Augmentation Research Center

Baron De Hirsh Fund

Battelle Memorial Institute

Berger National Foundation

Berlin Center for Future Research


Black Order

Boycott Japanese Goods Conference

British Newfoundland Corporation

British Royal Society

Brotherhood of Cooperative Commonwealth

Bureau of International Revolutionary Propaganda

Canadian Jewish Congress

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York

Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences

Center for Constitutional Rights

Center for Cuban Studies

Center for Democratic Institutions

Center for International Policy

Center for the Study of Responsive Law

Christian Socialist League

Cini Foundation

Club of Rome


Committee for the Next Thirty Years

Committee of Fourteen

Committee on National Morale

Committee to Frame A World Constitution

Communist League

Congress of Industrial Organizations

Council on Foreign Relations

David Sassoon Company

De Beers Consolidated Mines

Democratic League of Brussels

East India Committee of 300

Economic and Social Control

Environmental Fund

Environmetrics Inc

Esalen Institute

Fabian Society

Federation of American Zionists

Fellowship for a Christian Social Order

Fellowship of Reconciliation

Ford Foundation

Fordham University Institution Educational Research

Foundation for National Progress

Garland Fund

German Marshall Fund

Governing Body of the Israelite Religious Community

Gulf South Research Institute


Harvard University

Hells Fire Club

Horace Mann League

Hudson Guild

Hudson Institute

Hudson Bay Company

Imperial College University of London

Industrial Christian Fellowship

Institute for Brain Research

Institute for Pacific Relations

Institute for Policy Studies

Institute for Social Research

Institute for the Future

Institute for World Order

Institute on Drugs, Crime and Justice


Inter‑American Social Development Institute

International Institute for Strategic Studies

Interreligious Peace Colloquium


Knights of Malta

League of Nations

Logistics Management Institute

London Board of Deputies of British Jews

London School of Economics

Mary Carter Paint Company

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mellon Institute

Metaphysical Society

Milner Group

Mocatto Metals

Mont Pelerin Society


National Action Research on Military/Industrial Complex

National Center for Productivity Institute

National Council of Churches

National Opinion Research Center

National Training Laboratories

New Democratic Coalition

New World Foundation

New York Rand Institute


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Odd Fellows

Order of St. John of Jerusalem

Order of The Golden Dawn


Oxford Univac

Pacific Studies Center

Palisades Foundation

Peninsula and Orient Navigation Company


Princeton University

Rand Corporation

Rand School of Social Sciences

Research Triangle Institution

Rhodes Scholarship Committee

Rio Tinto Zinc Company

Riverside Church Disarmament Program

Round Table («Круглый стол»)

Royal Institute for International Affairs

Russell Sage Foundation

San Francisco Foundation

Sharps Pixley Ward

Social Science Research Council

Socialist International

Socialist Party of the United States

Society for Promotion of Study of Religions

Society of Heaven (TRIADS)

Soviet State Committee for Science and Technology

Stanford Research Institute

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Sun Yat Sen Society

Systems Development Corporation

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Tempo Corporation

The High Twelve International

The Public Agenda Foundation

The Quality of Life Institute

Theosophist Society

Thule Society

Transatlantic Council

Trilateral Commission

U.S. Association of the Club of Rome

U.S. Institute for Peace

Union of Concerned Scientists


University of Pennsylvania Wharton School

Warburg, James P. and Family

Western Training Laboratories

Wilton Park

Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Wong Hong Hon Company

Work in America Institute

World Council of Churches

Specialieji fondai ir interesų grupės

Arab Bureau

Aristotelian Society

Asian Research Institute

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

British American Canadian Corporation

Brotherhood of Eternal Love

Cambridge Apostles

Canadian Histadrut Campaign

Canadian Pacific Ltd.

Caribbean‑Central American Action Group

China Everbright Holdings Ltd.

Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs

Council of South America

Endangered Peoples’ Society

English Property Corporation Ltd.

Hospice Inc.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

International Red Cross

Jerusalem Foundation, Canada

Kissinger Associates

Kowloon Chamber of Commerce

Organization of American States

Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee

Radio Corporation of America (RCA)

Royal Police of Hong Kong

Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)


American Express Bank

Banca de la Svizzera d’Italia

Banca Andioino

Banca d’America d’Italia

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro

Banca Privata

Banco Ambrosiano

Banco Caribe

Banco Commercial Mexicana

Banco Consolidato

Banco d’Espana

Banco de Colombia

Banco de Commercio

Banco de Iberio‑America

Banco de la Nacion

Banco del Estada

Banco Internacional

Banco Latino

Banco Mercantile de Mexico

Banco Nacional de Cuba

Banco Nacional de Panama

Bangkok Commercial d’Italian

Bangkok Metropolitan Bank

Bank al Meshreq

Bank America

Bank for International Settlements

Bank Hapoalim

Bank Leu

Bank Leumi

Bank of Bangkok

Bank of Boston

Bank of Canada

Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)

Bank of East Asia

Bank of England

Bank of Escambia

Bank of Geneva

Bank of Ireland

Bank of London and Mexico

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Norfolk

Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank Ohio

Banque Bruxelles‑Lambert

Banque Commerciale Arabes

Banque du Credit International

Banque de Paris et Pays‑Bas

Banque Francais et Italienn por l’Amerique du Sud

Banque Louis Dreyfus e Paris

Banque Privee

Banques Sud Ameris

Barclays Bank

Baring Brothers Bank

Barnett Banks

Baseler Handeslbank

Basel Committee on Bank Supervision


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Centrust Bank

Chartered Bank

Charterhouse Japhet Bank

Chase Manhattan Bank

Chemical Bank


Citizens and Southern Bank of Atlanta

City National Bank of Miami

Claridon Bank

Cleveland National City Bank

Corporate Bank and Trust Company

Credit and Commerce American Holdings

Credit and Commerce Holdings, Netherlands Antilles

Credit Suisse

Crocker National Bank

De’Neuflize, Schlumberger, Mallet Bank

Dresdener Bank

Dusseldorf Global Bank

First American Bank of Georgia

First American Bank of New York

First American Bank of Pensacola

First American Bank of Virginia

First American Banking Corp.

First Empire Bank

First Fidelity Bank

First National Bank of Boston

First National City Bank

Florida National Bank

Foreign Trade Bank

Franklin National Bank

Hambros Bank

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

Independence Bank of Encino

Israeli Discount Bank

Litex Bank

Ljubljanska Bank

Lloyds Bank

Marine Midland Bank

Midland Bank

Morgan Bank

Morgan Et Cie

Morgan Grenfell Bank

Moscow Narodny Bank, London

National Bank of Cleveland

National Bank of Florida

National Westminister Bank

Orion Bank

Paravicini Bank Ltd.

Republic National Bank of New York

Royal Bank of Canada

Schroeder Bank

Seligman Bank

Shanghai Commercial Bank

Soong Bank

Standard and Chartered Bank

Standard Bank

Swiss Bank Corporation

Swiss Israel Trade Bank

Trade Development Bank


Union Bank of Israel

Union Bank of Switzerland

Vanying Bank

White Weld Bank

World Bank

World Commerce Bank of Nassau

World Trade Bank

Wozchod Handelsbank

Pastaba: Išskyrus Bazelio bankininkystės verslo komitetą, kiekvienas iš aukščiau nurodytų bankų buvo ir, galbūt, tebėra vis dar įsipainiojęs į prekybą narkotikais, briliantais, auksu ir ginklais.

Juridinės asociacijos ir firmos

American Bar Association

Clifford and Warnke

Coudert Brothers

Cravaith, Swain and Moore

Wilkie, Farr and Gallagher

Buhalterija, auditas

Price Waterhouse


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